Help for Proveana

Getting started
In the “Getting started” section, you will find a short introduction to the structure of Proveana. There is an overview of the search options and the benefits of a user account. This will enable you to quickly find your way around Proveana.
Detailed instructions
Here you will find detailed descriptions of functions and of the structures of the individual areas within Proveana. We give you tips on how best to handle the information and recommend you how to efficiently obtain search results.
Basic documents
In the download area, you will find documents that are essential for provenance research, Proveana, the Lost Art Database and the work of the German Lost Art Foundation.
Research options
Here you can find links to various international research options and further references relating to provenance research.
Answers to frequently asked questions.
Terms of use
Proveana’s terms of use.
Explanations of terms from the field of provenance research and Proveana's four research contexts.